Airline Transport Pilot Certificate Course

*70 clock hours (30 flight, 40 ground)
Completion Time: 3 weeks

Course Objectives

This course is designed to develop an advanced level of pilot knowledge and skill in preparation for the Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) practical test administered by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Course Description

The ATP certificate is the highest level of certification that can be obtained from the FAA. This course is designed for a student who possesses a Commercial Pilot Certificate with helicopter and instrument ratings, and who meets all applicable prerequisites for the ATP certificate under FAR Part 61. The student must meet the highest FAA performance standards for knowledge and skill.

During the flight component of the course, the student will learn how to perform advanced IFR procedures, including responding to a power failure on takeoff, rejected takeoffs and rejected landing. He or she will practice previously learned IFR procedures to the higher standards outlined by the ATP practical test standards.

The ground component of the course will emphasize knowledge of aircraft systems and their operation. Upon successful completion of the lessons, the student will be considered eligible for the ATP helicopter practical test administered by the FAA.

*This course is a FAR Part 141 course designed to provide maximum benefit coverage for those students who are veterans using the GI Bill® benefits.  Students wishing to complete the program under Part 61 only need to meet the requirements of Part 61, Subpart G in order to be eligible to take a checkride.

Course Outline and Hours

  • Dual VFR Flight Training 6
  • Dual IFR Flight Training 24
  • Ground Training 40


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Robinson Helicopters
Civil Aviation Administration of China
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