Instrument Instructor Rating Course — Additional Rating

15 clock hours (8 flight, 7 ground)
Completion Time: 2 weeks

Course Objectives

This course is designed for a student who possesses an Instrument Instructor rating but does not hold an Instrument Instructor rating in helicopters. During the course, he or she will acquire the skills and knowledge required to successfully complete the Instrument Instructor helicopter practical test administered by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). He or she will be prepared to provide instrument instruction in a helicopter.

Course Description

During the flight component of the course, the student will learn how to perform instrument procedures to a high level of skill while flying from the instructor’s seat. He or she will learn how to simultaneously explain and demonstrate instrument maneuvers as well as analyze, critique, and correct “student” performance.

During the ground component of the course, the student will review fundamentals of instruction including teaching methods, the principles of effective communication, methods of critique and evaluation, and how to plan instructional activity. He or she will develop instrument helicopter lesson plans to add to his or her instructor’s notebook.

This course is conducted in accordance with Quantum Helicopters’ Instructor Instrument Certificate – Additional Rating Course Syllabus. Upon completing the required lessons, the student will progress to the end-of-course check. On the basis of oral evaluation, written testing, and a flight skills evaluation, the Chief Flight Instructor, Assistant Chief Flight Instructor, or a check pilot will determine whether the student is ready to progress to the Instrument Instructor helicopter FAA practical test.

Course Outline and Hours

  • Dual Instrument Instructor Training 8
  • Ground Instrument Instructor Training 7


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