Professional Pilot Instrument Program

300 clock hours (165 flight, 135 ground)
Completion Time: 9-12 months is average

Program Objectives

Designed for the student with no previous flight experience, this program prepares him or her for entry into the commercial helicopter marketplace. Upon completion of the program, the student will have obtained the Private, Instrument, Commercial, Flight Instructor and Instrument Instructor certificates and ratings in helicopters, and will be qualified for an entry-level helicopter flight instructor position. The inclusion of Instrument and Instrument Instructor ratings enhances the student's marketability as an instructor and pilot.

Program Description

This program is intended for a full-time student, and is designed to take him or her from the first lesson through completion of the Instrument Instructor course as efficiently as possible. It comprises selected courses from our list of individual courses, which the student must complete sequentially. At the conclusion of each course, the student must successfully complete a practical test administered by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) before proceeding to the next course. (Note that although these practical tests are required, they are administered independently and are not considered part of the program.)

A detailed description of each individual course may be found below. Each course within the program includes two or three stages as outlined in the applicable Quantum Helicopters course syllabus. Each stage must be completed successfully before the student may proceed to the next stage. Successful completion is determined by oral evaluation, written testing and a flight skills evaluation, administered by the Chief Flight Instructor, Assistant Chief Flight Instructor or a check pilot. Upon successful completion of the final stage, the student will be considered eligible for the relevant FAA practical test.

Program Outline and Hours

  • Private Pilot Certificate Course
    • Dual VFR Flight Training 30
    • Solo Flight Training 5
    • Ground Training 35
  • Instrument Rating Course
    • Dual IFR Flight Training 35
    • Ground Training 30
  • Commercial Pilot Certificate Course
    • Dual VFR Flight Training 20
    • Solo Flight Training 40*
    • Ground Training 15
    • Dual Flight CFI Introduction 20
    • Ground CFI Introduction 20
  • Certified Flight Instructor Certificate Course
    • Dual CFI Flight Instruction 5
    • Ground CFI Instruction 20
  • Instrument Instructor Certification Course
    • Dual IFR CFI Flight Instruction 10
    • Ground IFR CFI Instruction 15

TOTAL: 300

*Dual instruction may be substituted for a portion of the listed solo flight.

Professional Pilot Instrument Program

Available courses:

Helicopter Association International
Robinson Helicopters
Civil Aviation Administration of China
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