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Since 1993, Quantum Helicopters has been a leader in professional helicopter pilot training. With an emphasis on quality, integrity and safety, we train pilots of all levels, from beginners to experienced professionals.

Today, Quantum Helicopters is one of the busiest and most respected helicopter pilot training schools in the nation. Over the course of tens of thousands of hours of flight training, we’ve been uncompromising in our commitment to excellence and safety. Our graduates are recognized within the industry for being among the best-trained and most professional, and as a result, are in high demand.

We offer the highest standards of training to students pursuing all ratings, from private to Airline Transport Pilot (ATP). Our graduates work in every field of the helicopter industry. We remain committed to their success and yours.

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"I obtained all of my ratings Private through CFII at Quantum Helicopters. I enjoyed the year-round flying conditions and the low cost of living in Chandler. Maintenance and safety are always the top priorities and scheduling a helicopter and instructor for training was always easy with plenty of helicopters available. Training standards are high and you will receive excellent training from all of the instructors on staff. If you are committed you can move at whatever pace you want and Quantum will be there to support you. After completing my training I was hired on as a CFI and gained lots of valuable experience."
Aron Whitesell
AirEvac Lifestream