helicopters flying over desert

Training Aircraft

Quantum Helicopters operates a fleet of 16 Robinson R22 Beta II helicopters, 1 IFR equipped R44 Raven II, and 1 IFR equipped Robinson R66 Turbine. All of our helicopters and training aircraft are owned and controlled by Quantum Helicopters, so we are not dependent on “lease back” helicopters or helicopters owned by 3rd parties.

The low operating costs and superior reliability of Robinson Helicopters have made them the worlds most popular civilian training helicopters by far. The piston powered R22 single handedly launched the wide scale expansion of the civilian helicopter training market when it was certified in 1979, and it is still the leader in civilian flight training today. The addition of the R44 (1992) and R66 Turbine (2011) has done nothing but enhance the capabilities and possibilities of the Robinson product line, making Robinson helicopters the most poplar civilian helicopters in the world.

A unique advantage that Quantum offers its customers is the ability to conduct helicopter instrument and instrument instructor training in modern, “glass” cockpit equipped R22 helicopters. Most schools today only offer helicopter instrument training in larger, much more expensive helicopters that may cost up to twice what Quantum charges for R22 instrument training. Or some schools still offer instrument training in the R22, but with old and outdated “steam gauge” avionics that should no longer be used for training in the modern helicopter industry. Quantum Helicopters operates 16 R22 helicopters, with five R22’s equipped with Gamin G500H glass cockpit displays and Garmin GTN650 Nav/Com radios so that customers can receive instrument helicopter training using the latest glass cockpit technology, while still taking advantage of the extreme cost effectiveness of the R22.

R22 Beta II chopper in Quantum Helicopters fleet
Robinson R22 Beta II Helicopter
Chopper controls at Quantum Helicopters
Robinson R22 Glass cockpit IFR Trainer