Aerial Photography

Many of our pilots are experienced in aerial photography and survey. Thanks to their knowledge of the local area, they can find locations quickly, then maneuver effectively for the best shots. Although most flights originate from the Chandler airport, it is possible to begin a flight from other local airports.

Because of their versatility and maneuverability, helicopters offer aerial photographers far more options than do airplanes. Quantum uses safe, fast, and cost-effective Robinson helicopters, maximizing our customers’ time in the air. Choose between the R22, which accommodates one passenger, or the R44, which accommodates three passengers in addition to the pilot. Rates are $390 per hour for the R22 and $640 per hour for the R44. We require a one-hour minimum rental.

If we can assist you with your aerial photography or surveying needs, please contact us at (480) 814-8118.

Contact us for more information about aerial photography.