Tuition and Other Estimated Fees

Flight training is proficieny based and due to the individual nature of learning, it is impossible to provide an exact tuition that a student can expect to pay for the cost of training. Hard work, diligent study, and consistent attendance, are all factors that can help you to keep the costs down. The prices listed for the programs and courses below are calculated using primarily the minimums established by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for flight and ground instruction for that rating.

Almost all students will require training beyond these minimums to achieve the proficiency necessary to successfully complete the testing and we are happy to discuss typical costs for an “average” regularly-attending student.  We have also included average prices for some of the more common programs. These averages assume that the student is hard-working, attending regularly, and is conducting all training in the R22 helicopters. All of these factors play into the cost of tuition. Our statistics are based on hard data from Quantum’s 25+ years in the training industry as well as industry feedback. 

Prices are subject to change. Quantum Helicopters will give 14 days notice of any rate changes.  Please note that other than a $1,000.00 deposit that is required to reserve a training date, you are never expected to pay in advance or maintain a large balance on your account.

The following rates are used in the calculation of total costs:

Robinson R22 VFR dual instruction$365.00/hour
Robinson R22 IFR dual instruction$385.00/hour
Robinson R22 solo/rental$320.00/hour  + tax
Robinson R44 VFR dual instruction$600.00/hour
Robinson R44 IFR dual instruction$640.00/hour
Robinson R44 II solo$575.00/hour + tax
Robinson R66 dual instruction$1100.00/hour
Ground instruction (R22, R44)$ 60.00/hour
Ground instruction (R66 Turbine)$ 85.00/hour


 FAA Minimum

Average Full Time Student

Private Pilot Certificate Course$13,185.00$ 29,700.00
Private Pilot Certificate Course — Additional Rating$  8,625.00$ 23,000.00
Commercial Pilot Certificate Course$37,160.00$ 18,500.00* (Part 61)
Commercial Pilot Certificate Course — Additional Rating$10,950.00 
Instrument Rating Program$13,725.00$ 21,500.00
Instrument Rating Program — Additional Rating$  5,725.00 
Flight Instructor Certificate Course$10,325.00$ 18,500.00
Flight Instructor Certificate Course — Additional Rating$  9,225.00 
Instrument Instructor Rating Course$  6,000.00$ 8,000.00
Instrument Instructor — Additional Rating Course$  3,145.00 
Airline Transport Pilot Certificate Program$12,430.00 
Robinson R44 Transition Course$  3,025.00 
Robinson R66 Turbine Transition Course$  5,550.00 

Students may anticipate the following additional costs (approximate)

FAA medical exam$160.00 (varies by AME)
FAA knowledge test$175.00 per test
BooksVaries per course
Headset$300.00 – $1000.00
Examiner’s Checkride Fee$700.00 – $900 per checkride

Prices effective as of 08/15/2022.