Student Services

Housing Assistance

The Phoenix metropolitan area is booming. Numerous rental properties exist within a short drive of the Chandler airport.

Many of our short-term students opt to stay at Home 2 Suites, near our Chandler office.

Occasionally, our students seek other students as roommates or vacation rentals.


Quantum maintains onsite access to all required study materials and related supplies. We also provide unlimited free access to a number of computer-based training programs, including FAA knowledge test preparation software. All students are welcome to use the computer training room on site.

Test prep software is the ideal way to prepare for the computerized FAA written exams — you can take unlimited practice tests before sitting down to the real thing.

Quantum uses the flight planning app, Foreflight. For this reason, all students will be required to have an iPad and an appropriate kneeboard.

Airport Transport

For out of town students, Quantum offers transportation to and from the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport at the beginning and end of training.

Resume Development

We’re pleased to help our students create and promote their resumes. Simply ask one of our staff members for advice on yours.

Job Placement

New pilots almost invariably begin their careers as flight instructors. Although Quantum does not guarantee employment to any graduate, historically we have been able to hire most of our Certified Flight Instructors shortly after graduation. This is due to our high volume of training activity and our commitment to and focus on professional flight training.  We are very loyal to our customers and as such will do everything we can to help our graduates get their start in the helicopter industry.

We maintain numerous contacts within the helicopter business and are happy to help our students advance their careers.  Additionally, due to our longevity in this industry, many of our graduates and former instructors are involved with the hiring process in helicopter companies around the country. Currently, the industry is booming and opportunities abound. If you have questions about your prospects as a professional pilot, feel free to discuss them with a member of our staff.