Quantum Helicopters hangar with choppers taking off


Quantum conducts flight training operations from our purpose built helicopter training facilities located on the Chandler Municipal Airport in Chandler, Arizona. Our facilities include nearly 8000 sq/ft of office space, and a 14,400 sq/ft hangar for aircraft storage and maintenance. 

The Chandler Municipal Airport is home to one of the largest public heliports in the country, which is used exclusively by Quantum. Our location allows for easy access to a variety of flying conditions, including mountainous terrain for mountain training, as well as controlled and uncontrolled airspace.

Ground instruction is conducted one-on-one in our instructors’ dedicated, private offices. Quantum students have access to break rooms, study areas, and a computer lab.

Quantum’s topnotch maintenance is conducted onsite. Our maintenance staff is prepared to handle any service required on our Robinson Helicopters, from routine maintenance to complete overhauls.-