Our Graduates

At Quantum, our students' success is a top priority. First and foremost, we promote their professional development by maintaining the highest standards of training. But we also help our students find employment by establishing and nurturing contacts within the helicopter community, and by staying abreast of market trends. The current demand for pilots is outpacing supply, and our graduates are entering — and succeeding in — one of the strongest job markets in years.

Quantum is able to hire almost all of its Certified Flight Instructor graduates for instructor positions. After building flight time, these pilots are eligible for a variety of jobs within the industry and around the world.

Where are they now?

Here's just a few examples of how our graduates have put the training they gained from Quantum Helicopters to use.

Name Employer Location
Judson Hubbard Air Methods Arizona
Luke Reker EMS Air Methods Arizona
Luke Miller EMS Air Methods Arizona
Matt Watson Sundance Helicopters Las Vegas/Grand Canyon
Jeff Thomasson Chicago Helicopter Experience Chicago, Illinois
Jake Hill Sundance Helicopters Las Vegas/Grand Canyon
Danny Gomez Sundance Helicopters Las Vegas/Grand Canyon
Aron Whitesell Chopperguy News 3 TV Phoenix, Arizona
Bethany Skaritka Chicago Helicopter Experience Chicago, Illinois
Logan Smith Air Evac Lifeteam Mesa, Arizona 
Nick Dean Helicoptes Inc St. Louis, Missouri
Nathan Whitford Air Methods Arizona
Zack Deets Papillon Helicopters Las Vegas/Grand Canyon
Patrick Zahm Papillon Helicopters Las Vegas/Grand Canyon
Scott Higgins Papillon Helicopters Las Vegas/Grand Canyon
Jarrod Padilla Sunrise Air Ambulance Sholow, Arizona
Jason Nixon PHI Air Medical Phoenix, Arizona
Stephen Schumm AMRG  South Jordan, Utah
Clayton Beckmann Air Methods Arizona
Dan Coon EMS Air Methods Arizona
Bruce Haffner a pilot and on-air personality for Channel 3, KTVK Phoenix  
Terry Cook an air ambulance pilot  
Matt Arnsberg air ambulance pilot for Native Air  
Kirk Flake airambulance, Airevac  
Paul Hightower a production test pilot for the Boeing AH-64D Longbow attack helicopter (and the only non-military-trained pilot at the Mesa, Arizona plant)  
Paul Alukonis a corporate pilot with Westcor Aviation in Scottsdale  
Stefan Hiltbrunner a long-line pilot for Construction Helicopters  
Robert Rappaport a test pilot/instructor pilot for MD Helicopters  
Captain Leo Eggert, Gary Bunting, Bruce Helpie and Jeff Violanti Toledo Police Department in Ohio  
Chris DiDiego a lead pilot for Papillon Helicopters in Las Vegas  
Chris Allen pilot for dinner and charter flights in the Phoenix area  
Ken Hadzima and Joe LeBrecque pilots with Air Logistics  
Ryan Kirwan Airevac  
Feyd Carroll ERA   
Gary McCoskey Airevac  
Bram DeRoeck chief pilot with Speedy Kopters, flying police contracts in the Caribbean  
Mike Miller pilot for KARE TV in Minneapolis  
Anne Lathrop Papillon tours  
Jared Davis PHI training department  

Graduates List

Graduation Date Name Rating Instructor
12/24/2017 Jiang, Luming-Jack IFR Andrew P.
12/22/2017 Liu, Yuanguang-Mike IFR Justin D.
12/22/2017 Zhang, Liang-Ross IFR Justin D.
12/21/2017 Xu,Yuning-Charlie IFR Andrew P.
12/21/2017 David Hall Pvt AO Daniel P.
12/20/2017 Lan, Di-Randy IFR Peter L.
12/18/2017 Lindsey Groneberg Comm Forrest S.
12/15/2017 Joshua Clark CFI Marcus S.
12/09/2017 Ji, Yanbo-David Comm Justin D.
12/01/2017 Triston Covington Comm Forrest S.
Graduation Date Name Rating Instructor
11/27/2017 Javier Cobain Private Daniel P.
11/24/2017 Feng,Shihao-Jayden Private Daniel P.
11/24/2017 Zhang, Yilin-Sam Private Luis S.
11/22/2017 Zhang, Guoyin-Tony Private Luis S.
11/03/2017 Guo, Xingtao-Mike IFR Luis S.
11/03/2017 Bob Buquo Private Daniel P.
Graduation Date Name Rating Instructor
10/25/2017 Gehrig Smith Comm Marcus S.
10/24/2017 Zhang, Liang-Ross Private Andrew P.
10/16/2017 Liu, Yuanguang-Mike Private Forrest S.
10/13/2017 Lan, Di-Randy Private Luis S.
10/10/2017 Stephen Schumm ATP Daniel P.
10/04/2017 Jose Covarrubias Comm Marcus S.
Graduation Date Name Rating Instructor
09/30/2017 Ding, Zhifang-Derrick Private Luis S.
09/28/2017 Yang, Lun-Allen Comm Justin D.
09/25/2017 Guo, Xingtao-Mike Comm Justin D.
09/22/2017 Joe Halonen Comm Shelley S.
09/22/2017 Xu, Yuning-Charlie Private David R.
09/18/2017 Han, Songlin-Alex Comm Andrew P.
09/11/2017 Bao, Zhiwei-Toby Comm Andrew P.
09/01/2017 Lindsey Groneberg IFR Daniel P.
09/01/2017 Yang, Lun-Allen IFR Daniel P.
Graduation Date Name Rating Instructor
08/28/2017 Nicholas Rasmussen CFI Marcus S.
08/26/2017 Hao, Junliang-Paul Comm David R.
08/23/2017 Pan, Zhuyuhang-George Comm David R.
08/23/2017 Liu, Chuangran-Mason Comm Forrest S.
08/22/2017 Luis Rodriguez Comm Luis S.
08/19/2017 Han, Songlin-Alex IFR David R.
08/12/2017 Paul Apolinar IFR Peter L.
08/12/2017 Gehrig Smith IFR Daniel P.
Graduation Date Name Rating Instructor
07/14/2017 Joseph Halonen IFR David R.
07/10/2017 Justin Davignon CFII Peter L.
07/10/2017 Andrew Peck CFII Peter L.
Graduation Date Name Rating Instructor
06/27/2017 Scott Hopkins IFR Bethany S.
06/23/2017 Pan, Zhuyuhong-George IFR Luis S.
06/23/2017 Hao, Junliang-Paul IFR David R.
06/09/2017 Dustin Sellers Comm Daniel P.
06/06/2017 Yu, Hong-Jeremy Comm Forrest S.
06/01/2017 Chris Root Comm AO Peter L.
Graduation Date Name Rating Instructor
05/22/2017 Timothy Abbate Comm Forrest S.
05/05/2017 Gehrig Smith Private Luis S.
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