Our Staff


The President of Quantum Helicopters is Neil Jones. Neil has been involved in helicopter and airplane flight training for 35 years. Before founding Quantum in 1993, he was Chief Pilot for the largest civilian helicopter flight school of that time. Neil holds an Airline Transport Pilot certificate with ratings in helicopters and airplanes and all helicopter and airplane instructor ratings. Neil is an FAA Designated Pilot Examiner.  In his spare time Neil enjoys following the SF Giants, muscle cars, and spending time with his family including his two beautiful grandchildren.
Neil Jones

Chief Flight Instructor

Missy Palrang is Quantum's Chief Flight Instructor. She has been in the flight training industry for nearly 20 years.  Missy supervises flight training personnel, manages training quality and standardization, oversees curriculum development, and handles student enrollment, student financing and other student services. She has a B.S. Degree in Psychology and a M.S. Degree in Counseling, and holds commercial and flight instructor certificates with helicopter and instrument ratings. She is also an FAA Designated Pilot Examiner.  Missy's hobbies include traveling, golf, eating out, and reading.
Missy Palrang

Director of Maintenance

The Director of Maintenance at Quantum Helicopters is Paul Mansfield. Paul is an FAA-licensed airframe and powerplant mechanic with inspection authorization; he is also a rated helicopter and airplane pilot. Paul has built and maintained Robinson helicopters since 1986 and has been with Quantum since its inception. He has completed all Robinson Helicopter factory maintenance courses and maintains Quantum's fleet to the highest standards.  When not working at Quantum, Paul spends time restoring old cars, target shooting, watching action movies, and flying as time permits.
Paul Mansfield

Office Manager

Doug Terry is Quantum's Office Manager, responsible for customer service, accounting, record keeping and inventory control. Doug literally learned the helicopter business from the ground up: he started at Quantum working part-time washing helicopters.  Doug is our resident fussy cat who doesn't like anything.
Doug Terry


Tim Abbate

Tim Abbate, CFII

Arun Asokan

Arun Asokan, CFII

Tim Brennan

Tim Brennan, CFII

Josh Clark

Josh Clark, CFII

Jose Covarrubias

Jose Covarrubias, CFI

Triston Covington

Triston Covington, CFI

Cliff Dais

Cliff Dais, CFII

Justin Davignon

Justin Davignon, CFII

Luis Rodriquez

Luis Rodriquez, CFII

Gehrig Smith

Gehrig Smith, CFII

Kolton VanWinkle

Kolton VanWinkle, CFII

Support Personnel

Julie Brown

Julie Brown, Hangar Asst.

Mick Brown

Mick Brown, Hangar Asst.

Jesse Hoyt

Jesse Hoyt, A&P Mechanic

Parker Jones

Parker Jones, A & P Mechanic

Luis Mundo Soto

Luis Mundo Soto, A&P Mechanic

Kyle Pritchard

Kyle Pritchard, A&P Mechanic

Holden Silvas

Holden Silvas, Mechanic Asst.

Scott Wigand

Scott Wigand, A&P Mechanic

Trudi Wimberley

Trudi Wimberley, Receptionist

Ethan Wylie

Ethan Wylie, Hangar Asst.


Helicopter Association International
Robinson Helicopters
Civil Aviation Administration of China