Note that some of the courses described below are structured to meet only the federally established minimums for flight and ground training for that rating. Although it is possible to obtain a rating in the minimum time, the vast majority of students will require additional training in order to meet required proficiency standards. Contact us to discuss more realistic estimates for each program, keeping in mind that students vary widely in the time they take to achieve proficiency.

For training purposes, one "clock hour" is defined as 60 minutes of instruction. Lessons average between 1.3 and 2.0 hours each. A list of pricing and incidental expenses can be found on the tuition and other expenses page.

The Professional Pilot Instrument Program comprises selected courses from our list of available courses. If a student is already a rated pilot, or wishes to pursue training on a part-time basis, he or she may opt to enroll in individual courses instead.

Upon successful completion of a program or course, a student will receive a Quantum Helicopters Certified Graduation Certificate, endorsed by the Chief Flight Instructor.

Professional Pilot Instrument Program

Tuition and Other Estimated Expenses

Available courses:

Helicopter Association International
Robinson Helicopters
Civil Aviation Administration of China
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