Training Aircraft

Quantum Helicopters operates a fleet of 15 Robinson R22 Beta II helicopters, one IFR Robinson R44 Raven II's, and one Robinson R66 turbine.  Quantum is proud to offer the most advanced IFR training available in the cost-efficient R22 Beta II helicopter.  All of our R22 IFR trainers are equipped with the Garmin G500 glass cockpit which prepares students for a career in the helicopter industry.  All helicopters are owned and controlled by Quantum Helicopters.

The low operating costs and superior reliability of Robinson helicopters have made them the world’s most popular training helicopters. These piston-engine aircraft are fast, lightweight and have an excellent reputation for reliability. The Beta II and Raven II are Robinson’s newest, most powerful versions of the two-seat R22 and the four-seat R44. Quantum was the first owner of a production R44 with air conditioning — a new option in this helicopter.

Quantum Helicopter Pilot School R22
Robinson R22 Beta II Helicopter
Quantum Helicopter Pilot School R44
Robinson R44 Raven II Helicopter

Unique among flight schools, Quantum offers instrument training in five R22 instrument trainers as well as in the R44. Fully equipped with Garmin 430 GPS/COMM/VOR/LOC/GS Transceivers and King KCS 55A HSI systems, the R22 trainers are a low-cost alternative to instrument training in the R44.

Quantum does not train with simulators. All flight time is actual flight experience that counts toward the rating being pursued and your eventual career goals.


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