Private Pilot Certificate Course

70 clock hours (35 flight, 35 ground)
Completion Time: 6 weeks

Course Objectives

This course is designed for a student with no prior experience in aviation. During the course the student will acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to successfully complete the Private Pilot practical test administered by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

The Private Pilot Certificate allows its holder to operate an aircraft as pilot in command. It does not allow him or her to operate an aircraft for compensation or hire. However, it is the first step toward becoming a professional pilot and is a prerequisite for enrollment in the Commercial Pilot Certificate Course.

Course Description

During the flight component of the course, the student will learn how to perform basic flight maneuvers and will gain the skills required to operate the helicopter in controlled and uncontrolled flight environments. He or she will also learn how to successfully respond to emergency situations by practicing autorotations, recovery from low rotor RPM, and recovery from settling with power.

During the ground component of the training, the student will learn how to operate the helicopter safely and within the guidelines of the Federal Aviation Regulations. He or she will study the National Airspace System, weather and sources of weather information, cross-country flight planning, and the helicopter’s performance and limitations, among other topics.

The course includes three stages as outlined in Quantum Helicopters’ Private Pilot Course Syllabus. Each stage must be completed successfully before the student may proceed to the next stage. Successful completion is determined by oral evaluation, written testing and a flight skills evaluation, administered by the Chief Flight Instructor, Assistant Chief Flight Instructor or a check pilot. Upon successful completion of the final stage, the student will be considered eligible for the Private Pilot FAA practical test.

Course Outline and Hours

  • Dual VFR Flight Training 30
  • Solo Flight Training 5
  • Ground Training 35


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Robinson Helicopters
Civil Aviation Administration of China
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