Robinson R44 Transition Course

10 clock hours (5 flight, 5 ground)
Completion Time: 5 days

Course Objectives

This course is designed to provide a helicopter-rated pilot with a thorough transition into the Robinson R44 helicopter. Upon successful completion of the course, he or she will have the knowledge and skill to competently operate the R44 as pilot in command.

Course Description

This course is conducted in accordance with Quantum Helicopters’ R44 Transition Syllabus. The student will learn how to perform normal and emergency procedures in the R44, with an emphasis on flight characteristics unique to the aircraft. Ground instruction will emphasize the R44’s performance characteristics and limitations.

Upon satisfactory completion of the required lessons, the student will receive the written endorsement required by SFAR 73 to Part 61, certifying him or her to act as pilot in command of an R44 helicopter. He or she will also receive a Certificate of Completion.

Course Outline and Hours

  • Dual VFR Flight Training 5
  • Ground Training 5


Helicopter Association International
Robinson Helicopters
Civil Aviation Administration of China
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